Market Makers provides a remote management service to help you run your business in the Middle East. Our services include — business planning and management, market strategy and ground service agents. Market.Makers can manage your sales channel and market presence with timely feedback in the business terms you understand.

Market Makers provides additional services to help facilitate and implement any direct market activity in the middle East.

Market Makers allows manufacturers to secure their business opportunity in the Middle East while relieving them from the cost of direct market presence. Through ground service agents, we help protect your investment by removing the fear and reducing the risks of managing new territories remotely.

Market.Makers works only in the interest of our clients fulfilling their corporate and internal objectives. By operating independently from distributors and partners, we deliver tailored services that are right for your business, helping you grow your sales revenue and market presence. After all, no two companies or products are the same.

Your management in the Middle East

Our expertise can alleviate the many difficult decisions associated with developing a market strategy. By understanding our clients needs, Market Makers help create a focused and effective solution that is right for their business.

Through a tailored range of services, Market Makers facilitates business planning and management, market strategy and ground service agents. Our value lies in ensuring that though our market experience and best practise; you are protecting and maximising the return for your business.

Ground service agents

Ground agent services are bespoke requirements needed by our clients and facilitated by Market Makers. Typical activities may include:

  • Access to office and commercial facilities during regional visits.
  • Coordinate and manage our clients business visits, including scheduling appointments, travel, visa and accommodation
  • Regional channel and customer visit and review on behalf of our clients
  • Client representation for marketing initiatives
  • Local market representation through call answering services

Our success is only measured through your success.