Market Makers is a well established organisation with 15 years of experience in the Middle East. We provide effective business solutions through our in depth knowledge of the local marketplace and by harnessing the latest developments in enabling technologies.

Market Makers is very aware that no two businesses are alike. We deliver ‘bespoke’ solutions based on the needs of our clients to help fulfill individual corporate objectives. Our resources include an award winning creative designer and experienced professionals in marketing, company start-ups and human resource management.

We deliver the right marketing mix for your business which includes:

  • Creative design consultancy
  • Digital marketing services
  • Marketing communications
  • Web design and business development
  • Product management

We can tailor a plan to suit company/individual budgets and business models, ensuring a return on investment.

Companies who wish to do business in the Middle East from a remote location can use us as their ‘feet on the street’, or their virtual presence in the Middle East. We work in the interest of our clients to build a strategic business relationship and can be seen as the ‘out-sourced’ extension of their business. This can provide a company with much greater flexibility and reduced business risk.